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Cormak WRHS1025 Mast Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks

Cormak WRHS1025 Mast Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks


WRHS1025 Mast Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks

NEW MODEL EQUIPPED WITH AN ADDITIONAL COVER INCREASING THE OPERATOR SAFETY. A universal mast trolley with a lifting capacity of 1000kg and a lifting height of up to 2500 mm, has double rollers, which ensures stable, quiet, long and trouble-free operation. The mast pallet stacker is designed to work in a warehouse, shop or even could be used for unloading, loading pallets in vans.


  • Load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Lifting height up to 2500 mm
  • A specialized hydraulic pump allows for a stepless forks lowering
  • Very strong construction (long service life) of a pallet truck
  • Service and spare parts available immediately
  • A guard to increase operator safety
  • Overload valve securing the jack
  • Handle control up to 190 °, rounded tips of the forks facilitating driving under pallets, drawbar covered with a layer of rubber for better ergonomics of work
  • Foot brake on both wheels for better safety
  • Adjustable forks that can be lowered to the very bottom allow for taking up wide loads
  • Adjustable fork tilt
  • The load is lifted using a hand lever or a foot pedal.

Technical Specification

  • Fork Outside width: 300-840mm
  • Max height of lift: 2500mm
  • Lower fork amount: 90mm
  • Lifting capacity: 1000kg
  • Centre of gravity: 400kg
  • Fork length: 1150mm
  • Width between forks: 230mm
  • Toal Altitude: 1810mm
  • Dimensions: 1720x950
  • Weight: 355kg
  • Turning radius: 1250mm
  • Wheel path: 1100mm
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