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Cormak Q15E35 Electric Mast Pallet Jack

Cormak Q15E35 Electric Mast Pallet Jack


Q15E35 Electric Mast Pallet Jack

Electric high mast pallet jack (stacker) equipped with electric running gear and lifting system.


  • Solid construction made of high-quality steel provides higher rigidity and stability
  • The jack handle thanks to use a special system allows transfer the turn directly to the wheel
  • Built-in charger
  • Maintenance-free motor in brushless technology
  • Battery charge indicator in control box
  • Safety on/off switch
  • Built- in controller to protect battery from discharging or damage
  • Maintenance-free sealed battery AGM

Technical Specifications

  • Forks width: 570mm
  • Max lifting height: 3500mm
  • Loading capacity: 1500kg
  • Gravity centre: 600mm
  • Forks length: 1070mm
  • Drive Speed with / without load: 3.5/4km
  • Total height: 2330mm
  • Total width: 790mm
  • Swivel Wheels: 180x50
  • Forks Rollers: 80x70
  • Turning radius: 1390mm
  • Battery voltage / Rated capacity: 2x12/75/120 V/AH
  • Battery weight: 36kg
  • Lift motor power: 2kW
  • Drive motor power: 0.75kW
  • Brake: Electromagnetic Brake
  • Weight: 586kg

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