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Cormak FM500 Dust Extractor 3 Phase 400v

Cormak FM500 Dust Extractor 3 Phase 400v

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Cormak FM500 Dust Extractor 3 Phase 400v

A powerful, 2.8 kW and 5000 m3/h efficiency, sawdust extractor. Includes burlap filter bags. The FM500 sawdust extractor is an efficient device of high vacuum power. Stable metal design and balanced rotor creates a machine useful in any workshop. Burlap filter bags with up to 5-micron diameter filtering. Equipped with a splitter which allows up to 4 machines to be connected simultaneously. Maximum efficiency achieved when connected to 3 machines.

FM500 features

  • Metal balanced rotor
  • Quick fixture of burlap bags
  • Portable wheeled base
  • Stable, metal design
  • Bag holders
  • High vacuum power
  • Strong, 3-phase motor
  • Capable of connecting up to 4 machines simultaneously
  • Constant suction efficiency

Technical Specification 

  • Motor: 2.8kW, 400V / 50Hz
  • Speed: 2950 rpm
  • Airflow: 5000 M3/H
  • Bag Capacity: 480L
  • Inlet Diameters: 200mm / 4x100mm
  • Dimensions: 1525x560x2460mm
  • Weight 64kg

Please allow 7-12 days delivery on Cormak Dust extractors, we will work with you to a lead time that is suitable for your project requirements.

  • Full UK aftersales support from us as the UK Distributors.
  • UK Stocks ready for delivery.
  • Contact us to discuss your Dust Extraction requirements, we are the Cormak UK distributors and extraction experts with over 25 years of experience.
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