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Cormak DCV6500TC Dust Extractor

Cormak DCV6500TC Dust Extractor

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Cormak DCV6500TC Dust Extractor

CORMAK DCV series extractors are designed for filtering chips and fine sawdust in carpentry and furniture industries. Fully bodied, soundproofed, with a system of warm air recovery.


  • DCV 6500 is yet another step towards manufacturing efficient sawdust extractors, whose aim is to constantly preserve high extracting efficiency
  • New series of TC extractors is equipped with full upper body absorbing noise and vibration produced during work and warm air recovery
  • Failure-free filter shake off system in an automatic or manual cycle
  • New, patented safety system ensures reliable operation
  • Large, durable vibration-free construction allowing for quiet operation
  • Does not take up a lot of space, while still being very efficient
  • Powerful and quiet fan yielding great vacuum force
  • Reliability confirmed by manufacturers dealing daily with large orders
  • Equipped with a dedicated design of blades, improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption
  • Integrity of the entire suction system, ensuring the best internal air quality, and no warmth loss during heating periods
  • Filters of large surface
  • Possibility of creating a ceiling system and connecting a number of machines working simultaneously with DCV 6500 extractors
  • Quick change of waste containers, designed in a way as to achieve 99.99% integrity of the system
  • Metal waste containers with wheels for easy repositioning. Also equipped with a viewfinder making it easier to check the amount of free space in the containers
  • Dynamically balanced metal rotor reduces noise and improves efficiency
  • This type of extractor will keep the work clean and efficient, directly improving the quality of your products and services
  • Great in working with grinding machines, table saws, edge banding machines and planers
  • Control cabinet for on/off switching
  • Cleaning quality assured
  • It is prohibited to use this extractor in an explosive atmosphere
  • This extractor is not adjusted to work with wet material (e.g., wet sawdust)

Technical Specification

  • Power: 5.5Kw/ 400V / 50Hz
  • Inlet diameter: 280mm
  • Airflow: 6500m3/hour
  • Fan Speed: 2900rpm
  • Suction Speed: 28-32 m/s
  • Number of Filters: 32
  • Dimensions: 2440 x 930 x 2400mm
  • Weight: 440kg

Please allow 7-21 Days Delivery on Cormak Dust Extractors, we will work with you to a lead time that is suitable for your project requirements

Please follow the link for videos of the DCV6500TC:

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