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Cormak DCV4500T Dust Extractor

Cormak DCV4500T Dust Extractor

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Cormak DCV4500T Dust Extractor

CORMAK DCV series extractors are designed for a very fine particles filtration. Constructed to automatically clean itself, without any human effort. Our design department placed a lot of effort on creating a system of shaking off, where the entire filter cleaning cycle happens automatically in a closed circuit.


  • Durable, sturdy design providing quiet and vibration-free work
  • High integrity of the whole suction system, providing the best internal air quality and ensuring no warmth loss during heating periods
  • Powerful and quiet centrifugal fan yields high vacuum efficiency
  • Possibility of creating a ceiling system and connecting a number of machines working simultaneously with DCV extractors
  • Failure-free automatic filters shake off system
  • Drive system contributing to portability, improving relocating of extractors
  • Waste containers designed in such a way as to preserve 99.99% system integrity, at the same time being portable
  • Control cabinet with an ability to precisely monitor the contamination level of filters or turning the device on/off
  • It is prohibited to use this extractor in an explosive atmosphere
  • This extractor is not adjusted to work with wet material (wet sawdust)

Technical Specification

  • Motor: 3.0kW
  • Speed: 3000rpm
  • Airflow: 4500 M3/H
  • Inlet Diameter: 200mm
  • Number of Filters: 18
  • Dimensions: 752x1502x2144mm
  • Weight: 200kg

Please allow 7-21 Days Delivery on Cormak Dust Extractors, we will work with you to a lead time that is suitable for your project requirements

Please follow the link for videos of the DCV4500T: 

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